We are experienced and versatile
textile professionals.

L&S Fashion Connection is owned by Barbara Aydın Böhm who has 30+ years of experience in the industry. All L&S team members are highly skilled textile professionals and each member has unique specialty expertise, giving us great versatility and efficiency. We are formally based in London but our sourcing pool is predominantly in and around Istanbul. All our account reps are English-speaking.

Authenticity in word and deed,
each time.

We are not a huge corporate outfit but a relatively small, dedicated team of experts. All of us love and enjoy what we do. And ‘being real’ is essential to all of our relationships, both with clients and vendors, and within our own team. Our core values are reliability, creativity, fairness, and passion, and they underlie everything we do and promise.

Great manufacturer portfolio.

We regard our manufacturing partners as part of the extended L&S team and enjoy long-standing, strong relationships based on mutual trust with some of the most highly respected manufacturers in Turkey with advanced equipment and skillful craftsmen.